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Thursday, September 1, 2011

AT&T 1000 Free Rollover Minutes…..it’s not a hoax!

Ok so it seems like things are generally becoming more expensive, while our paychecks are stagnant…or sometimes declining. As depressing as many of our financial situations are once in a blue something extraordinary happens-A company offers an incentive just for being a customer. Too many times I hear complaints (with me being the leader of most of them lol) about companies disregarding current customers and only offering incentives to new customers. Well your luck changes today! If you are a current AT&T customer you might have noticed a text message sent this morning offering 1000 rollover minutes for free. This is a saving grace to those teetering on the brink of death (ok so maybe it’s not that serious) with overage minutes and rates.  What is great about the offer is it is for everyone-even Android. Gone are the days in which this company only cater to iphones.  

Weary of a scam where I get roped into 9.99 a month for some wacky service I gave AT&T a call just to make sure the text was valid. The pleasant customer service rep informed me that the text is indeed valid, and that AT&T is showing appreciation to its current customers-no catch. She also mentioned that the rollover minutes take effect immediately although you will not see them if you check your account balance online or on the phone for 72 hours after replying. To get your 1000 rollover minutes simply reply YES to the text and AT&T will do the rest. I have also heard that you can text 11113020 if you aren’t signed up with their mobile alerts service. Text Yes to this number. Happy Saving!

Honorable Mention:

I also received a coupon from AT&T for another promotion out of the blue a few days ago. I guess AT&T is really trying to satisfy and keep its current customers now that Verizon is offering the Iphone. It feels good to have options thus shifting power back to the consumer.  

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