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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Getting Paid to do what I already do....talk alot about things I already obsess over


Today's Tip:

For those of you who are like myself you often find yourself obsessing over things so much to the point where all you do is talk about such items. My current obsession is Chevrolet Camaro 2010-2012. (I'll take whatever you want to give me). I want this car badder than Apple Investors want Steve Jobs to remain CEO. Back to the point. If you do find yourself talking emphatically about one subject, or two, or three you might be able to get paid for your obsessions. Years back I signed up with a website www.helium.com. Helium is a portal for writers, journalist, wanna' be journalist, etc., to write about things they love and potentially get paid for it. When you enter the helium website they have a dash board set up for you. If you can read you can pretty much understand how to navigate around. I am going to skip to the part where you get paid. You will notice a link that says "Assignments". On the assignments drop down navigate to open assignments. Here you will see a plethora of topics to write about. The most important part is how much you will be paid per article. While they don't promise you large amounts of money for what you write, if you write enough the payments will add up. Most articles I noticed pay $1 buck to $3 bucks with topics ranging anywhere from reviewing Beethoven symphonies to creating bios for sports players.You have to at least earn $25 before you will receive any payouts however. If you want to increase your exposure you can become what Helium calls "credentialed". You must fill out a short application on your area of expertise, certificates and awards you hold, and what makes you a good candidate to be considered an expert. I'm sure credentialed writers yield higher payments than average writers. However, if you are not looking to be a writing pro but have some experience and a drive to help others with your articles then I suggest you give Helium a few minutes of your time.
You won't become a millionaire but the few extra minutes of time you have on your hands per day and a desire to earn money for writing about things you are interested in makes Helium a match for you. Really, how much easier can making money from the comfort of your living room get?

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